Section: Software

Pantagruel : a Visual Domain-Specific Language for Ubiquitous Computing

Participants : Ghislain Deffrasnes [correspondent] , Julien Mercadal, Charles Consel.

Figure 4. A screenshot of the Pantagruel graphical editor

Pantagruel aims at easing the description of an orchestration logic between networked entities of a pervasive environment. First, the developer defines a taxonomy of entities that compose the environment, This step provides an abstraction of the entities capabilities and functionalities. Second, the developer defines the orchestration logic in terms of rules. To facilitate its programming, we provide a visual domain-specific language based on the sensor-controller-actuator paradigm. An example of a visual orchestration is given in Figure 4 where a shower automatically runs at the right temperature when someone enters the bathroom and closes the door.

Pantagruel brings a high-level layer intended to complement existing tools in the activity of safe orchestration logic description, allowing novice-programmers to prototype pervasive applications. The Pantragruel compiler generates code compliant with the DiaSuite toolset. Pantagruel is being completed by tools aimed at verifying safety properties like termination and reachability.

See also the web page http://phoenix.inria.fr/software/pantagruel .