Creation of the Team: February 08, 2007 , Updated into Project-Team: January 01, 2008

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Jean-Daniel Fekete [Team Leader, Senior Researcher (DR2), HdR]

Tobias Isenberg [Senior Researcher (DR2)]

Évelyne Lutton [Research Scientist (CR1), HdR]

Pierre Dragicevic [Research Scientist (CR1)]

Petra Isenberg [Research Scientist (CR2)]

PhD Students

Charles Perin [10/2011, Co-Advised by Frédéric Vernier (LIMSI) and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Benjamin Bach [01/2011, Co-Advised by Emmanuel Pietriga and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Nicolas Heulot [09/2010, Co-Advised by Michael Aupetit (CEA LIST) and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Samuel Huron [12/2010, Co-Advised by Jean-Daniel Fekete and Vincent Puig]

Yvonne Jansen [12/2010, Co-Advised by Pierre Dragicevic and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Jeremy Boy [12/2011,Co-Advised by Françoise Detienne and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

André Spritzer [1/2012,Co-Advised by Carla Dal Sasso Freitas (UFRGS, Brazil) and Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Nadia Boukhelifa [09/2011, Advised by Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Romain Vuillemot [09/2011, Advised by Jean-Daniel Fekete]

Waldo Cancino [10/2011, Advised by Évelyne Lutton]

Wesley Willett [12/2012, Advised by Petra Isenberg]

Administrative Assistant

Alexandra Merlin [10/2010]