Section: Software


Participants : Fanny Chevalier, Pierre Dragicevic [correspondant] , Christophe Hurter.

Figure 2. Example of sky enhancement with Histomages: (a) the image is duplicated and its pixels rearranged into a lightness histogram ; (b) bright pixels are selected with the rubber-band selection tool; (c) all pixels are rearranged into a hue histogram and yellow pixels are filtered out with the subtract selection brush (bottom). Missing pixels are added with the add selection brush on the image (top); (d) the sky is enhanced by resizing the selection on the saturation histogram.

Histomages is an image editor based on a new interaction model that considers histogram views as spatial rearrangements of image pixels. Users can select pixels on image histograms as they would select image regions and directly manipulate them to adjust their colors. Histomages are affected by other image tools such as paintbrushes. We explored some possibilities offered by this interaction model, and discussed the four key principles behind it as well as their implications for the design of feature-rich software in general [31] . http://www.aviz.fr/histomages/ .