Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the Year

  • Y. Lechevallier was scientific chair of the most important francophon conference in Knowledge Management and Extraction (EGC) in 2012 [39] .

  • Creation of the association France Living Labs (May): the french network of living labs (labelled by ENoLL) has decided with a majority in 2011 (after the 5th wave) to create an association due to their growing number in order to promote the French Living Labs and to facilitate user-driven open innovation at a national level. ICT Usage Lab (cf. section  8.1.8 ) is co-founder of France Living Labs with 20 other founders such as CNED, competivness clusters (Cap Digital, Image et reseaux), Lorraine Smart cities living Lab, Universcience, Urban Living Lab, etc. (cf. section  8.2.4 ). ICT Usage Lab is represented officially by B. Trousse (Inria) as permanent representative and A. Zarli (CSTB) as suppleant in the administration council.

  • B. Trousse was elected President of France Living Labs.

  • This year, AxIS experiments its Action-Research approach with more than ten workshops with citizen and/or professionnals (in the context of three contracts TIC TAC, ELLIOT and ECOFAMILIES) and mainly for the two first steps of a living lab process - the co-creation and/or exploration steps. Such an experience was very fruitful to identify the main research problems in deploying a living lab process and in designing and evaluating user experience in order to support user behaviour changes (cf. section  6.5 ).

  • The ACM SIGSOFT 2012 Impact Paper Award has been attributed to Th. Despeyroux and his co-authors for a paper published in 1989: “CENTAUR: the system” [72] .