Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

  • The team actively participates in the national GDR Bioinformatique moléculaire. H. Touzet has been a member of the executive committee since 2007. In this context, we hosted the national annual workshop, Seqbio, devoted to sequence analysis and bioinformatics (2 days, 80 participants, december 2011).

  • We organize a regular pluridisciplinary seminar on bioinformatics, whose audience is composed of researchers in biology and bioinformatics. In the last twelve months, we proposed three events: manycores programming in biology (2 days, 35 participants), phylogeny (2 days, 38 participants), Analysis of NGS data (1 day, 110 participants).

  • We organized the annual meeting of the GTGC workgroup (Comparative Genomics Working Group) (1.5 days, 40 participants, december 2012).