Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Petar Maksimovic [contact] , Luigi Liquori, Sebastien Thuriez [Quantaflow SRL] .

Figure 14. The Quantaflow Network

Quantaflow designs, manufactures and markets hardware, services, and software for professional and autonomous counting and tracking of the flow of people, in the setting of centralized data-gathering, and all for the purposes of security or marketing.

Given the complementarity of their competences, the Parties have decided to form a collaboration in order to formalize a communication protocol that Quantaflow wishes to use with its new equipment.

The main objective of this undertaking was the development of a secure protocol for message exchange between all of the actors in the Quantaflow network see Fig reffig:quantaflow, and has incorporated the following topics:

  • Protocol design, in particular:

    • Analysis of use-case scenarios

    • Design of mechanisms for determining device presence in a network

    • Design of protocol messages

    • The flow of protocol messages

  • Protocol security, in particular:

    • Message encryption

    • Message authentication

  • Cryptography, in particular:

    • Symmetric and public-key cryptography

    • Key storage and management

while the specifics of the work involved are protected by a non-disclosure agreement. This study has been conducted under an NDA and it is released in [24] , [25] .