Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

Supported by the LIA INFORMEL,

  • K. Narayan Kumar from CMI visited our team from May 2nd to 27th, and

  • Madhavan Mukund from CMI visited our team from May 8th to June 3rd.

From April 10 to April 13, Victor Khomenko from Newcastle University (UK) visited the team.

Estibaliz Fraca, PhD student from Zaragossa, is visiting from november 2012 trough February 2013.

  • Umang Mathur (IIT Bombay, India) effected a two-month internship from May to July at ENS Cachan, co-financed by the Inria Internship program, which was jointly supervised by Rohit Chadha (of the Secsi team) and Stefan Schwoon. The co-operation is being continued remotely, with Rohit Chadha now at the University of Missouri.

    • Subject: Estimating the Information Leakage of a Recursive Probabilistic Program.

    • Institution: IIT Bombay, India

  • Gaurav MAHAJAN (from May 2012 until Jul 2012)

    • Subject: Probabilistic Unfolder for Petri Nets

    • Institution: IIT Delhi (India)

Visits to International Teams

The team members made several short visits:

  • Supported by the LIA INFORMEL, Paul Gastin visited the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) in India from January 9 to 21.

  • Benedikt Bollig and Aiswarya Cyriac were visiting Thomas Schwentick's group at TU Dortmund University (March 13 – 16).

  • Benjamin Monmege was visiting Martin Leucker's group at the University of Lübeck (July 9 – 14 and October 28 – November 2).

  • Stefan Schwoon visited Javier Esparza's group at TU Müchen and gave a talk in April 2012.

  • Serge Haddad visited Rolf Hennicker's group at LMU Munich in November 2012.