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Creation of the Team: January 01, 2011

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Stéphane Donikian [Inria Senior Researcher, CEO of Golaem company]

Julien Pettré [Inria Research Scientist]

Faculty Members

Franck Multon [Team Leader, Professor Univ. Rennes 2, HdR]

Benoit Bideau [Associate Professor Univ. Rennes 2, HdR]

Nicolas Bideau [Associate Professor Univ. Rennes 2]

Marc Christie [Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1]

Armel Crétual [Associate Professor Univ. Rennes 2, HdR]

Fabrice Lamarche [Associate Professor, Univ. Rennes 1]

Guillaume Nicolas [Associate Professor Univ. Rennes 2]

Richard Kulpa [Associate Professor Univ. Rennes 2]


Emmanuel Badier [Tango project]

Julian Joseph [Tango project]

Orianne Siret [iSpace & Time project]

PhD Students

Thomas Lopez [MNERT Grant, HdR]

Antoine Marin [Biofeedback project]

Sébastien Brault [ENS Cachan grant]

Anthony Sorel [Cifre convention with Artefacto company, HdR]

Christophe Lino [Univ. Nantes and Inria]

Edouard Auvinet [Cifre convention and co-supervision with U. Montreal, HdR]

Anne-Marie Burns [Biofeedback project]

Samuel Lemercier [Pedigree project, HdR]

Jonathan Perrinet [Tango project]

Philippe Rannou [ENS Cachan grant]

Carl-Johan Jorgensen [iSpace & Time project]

Kevin Jordao [Chrome grant, HdR]

Cunka Sanokho [Cinecitta grant, HdR]

David Wolinski [MNERT Grant, HdR]

Steve Tonneau [MNERT Grant]

Kristell Bervet [Cifre convention, HdR]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Yi Li [Inria,Carnot]

Anne-Hélène Olivier [Inria,Tango project]

Administrative Assistant

Nathalie Denis