Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 STREP Fet-Open Tango

Participants : Julien Pettré [contact] , Jonathan Perrinet, Anne-Hélène Olivier.

The goal of the TANGO project is to take some familiar ideas about affective communication one radical step further by developing a framework to represent and model the essential interactive nature of social communication based on non-verbal communication with facial and bodily expression. Indeed, many everyday actions take place in a social and affective context and presuppose that the agents share this context. But current motion synthesis techniques, e.g. in computer graphics, mainly focus on physical factors. The role of other factors, and specifically psychological variables, is not yet well understood.

In 2012, we focused on interactions between real and virtual humans based on Virtual Reality. During body-based interactions between real and virtual actors, we modulate the emotional expression of the virtual actor. We experimentally observe how the real human react to this modulation.