Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

  • Technical program committees of conferences

    • Charles Kervrann: PC member for isbi '2012, isbi '2013, reviewer for icassp '2012, icassp '2013, icip '2012, icip '2013, emmcprv '2013.

    • Patrick Bouthemy: PC member for icpram ’2013, mldm ’2013, taima ’2013, reviewer for isbi '2012, isbi '2013, icra '2013, icpr '2012, eusipco '2012, acivs '2012.

  • Journal reviewing

    • Charles Kervrann: reviewer in 2012 for Image and Vision Computing, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

    • Patrick Bouthemy: reviewer in 2012 for International Journal of Computer Vision, IEEE Transactions on Circuits snd Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, Signal Image and Video Processing, Results in Physics.

  • Participations in seminars, invitations, awards

    • Charles Kervrann was invited to give a talk entitled “Patch-based Image Denoising in Light and Electron Microscopy” at the “BioImage Informatics” conference (Max Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany, November 2012) and at the “Statistics and Images” workshop (University of Strasbourg, November 2012); he was invited to give a talk entitled “Aggregation Methods for Optical Flow Computation” at the “SIAM Imaging Science” conference (Philadelphia, PA, May 2012) and at the “Mathematics and Image Processing” conference (University of Orleans, June 2012).

    • P. Bouthemy was invited to give a talk entitled “Estimation et interprétation du mouvement dans des séquences d'images”, Interdisciplinary Mifobio School http://www.mifobio.fr/ , plenary session (Seignosse, September 2012).

  • Responsibilities

    Charles Kervrann:

    • Member of the IEEE BISP “Biomedical Image and Signal Processing” committee,

    • Member of executive board of the GdR 2588 (“Microscopie Fonctionnelle du Vivant”) CNRS, member of the scientific committee of the Interdisciplinary MiFoBio School CNRS (http://www.mifobio.fr ),

    • Member of the executive board of the project committee of the Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique centre,

    • Member of the 2012 CORDIS post-doctoral fellowships committee (Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique centre),

    • Member of the Scientific Council of the INRA Rennes Research Centre,

    • Deputy-head of the GIS Europia (http://gis-europia.univ-rennes1.fr/ ) (Rennes imagery platform).

    Patrick Bouthemy

    • Deputy member of the board of directors and member of the Selection and Validation Committee of the Images & Réseaux competitivity cluster,

    • Deputy member of the board of directors of IRT (Technological Research Institute) B-com,

    • President of AFRIF (Association Francaise pour la Reconnaissance et l’Interprétation des Formes) and member of the board of the GRETSI (Groupement de Recherche en Traitement du Signal et des Images).

  • Other activities

    • serpico is involved in the French network GdR 2588 “Microscopie Fonctionnelle du Vivant” CNRS,

    • serpico is member of the regional BioGenOuest GIS.