Section: New Results

Multimedia Models and Formats

In the context of the CLAIRE project (see section  8.1.1 ), a new model for educational documents has been defined. The objectives of this model are:

  • to seamlessly handle conventional and richmedia content in the context of a unique pedagogical web platform.

  • to be able to store and recover any multimedia document including its spatial and time structure, consistent with HTML5 and Timesheets specifications.

  • to have a data model which is format agnostic to cope with existing and future rendering systems.

  • to cope with the authoring needs of all users.

We have more specifically worked on the multimedia modelling part for defining spatial and temporal fragment types. These types are used to express the synchronization beween different elements within the document.

We are now using this model in the definition and implementation of a web-based authoring user interface.