Section: Software and Platforms

RNAspace – A platform for noncoding RNA annotation

Actively developped.

Software self-assessment: A-5, SO-3, SM-3-up4, EM-2-up3, SDL-4, DA-4, CD-4, MS-4, TPM-4

Software web site : http://www.rnaspace.org/

Licence: GPL

RNAspace is a national collaborative initiative conducted with Genopole Midi-Pyrénées and originally supported by IBISA (IBISA is a French consortium for evaluating and funding national technological platforms in life sciences.). The goal is to develop an open source platform for structural and functional noncoding RNA annotation in genomes (see Section 6.2 ): http://www.rnaspace.org . The project will be pursued within France Génomique (see Section 8.2.1 ).