Creation of the Project-Team: 2009 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Joseph Frédéric Bonnans [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HdR]

Pierre Martinon [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Hasnaa Zidani [Team coleader, ENSTA, Associate Professor, HdR]

Anna Désilles [DGA, until May 2013]


Daphné Giorgi [Inria]

Stéphan Maindrault [Inria, from Apr 2013]

PhD Students

Mohamed Assellaou [Eleve Officier (Maroc) + bourse Ensta]

Xavier Dupuis [ENS Lyon, until Nov. 2013]

Nicolas Grebille [EDF, CIFRE]

Cristopher Hermosilla [Inria, FP7 ITN SADCO project]

Benjamin Heymann [Ecole Polytechnique, from Oct. 2013]

Laurent Pfeiffer [Ecole Polytechnique, until Nov. 2013]

Athena Picarelli [Inria, FP7 ITN SADCO project]

Zhiping Rao [Ecole Polytechnique, FP7 ITN SADCO project, until Dec. 2013]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Philip Graber [Inria, until May 2013]

External Collaborators

Nicolas Forcadel [Insa Rouen]

Olivier Bokanowski [Univ. Paris VII]

Visiting Scientists

Adriano Festa [Post-doc ICL, from Mar 2013 until Aug 2013]

Bean San Goh [Prof. U. Curtin, Miri, Malaysia, from Feb 2013 until Mar 2013]

Ibtissam Medarhri [Inria, from Sep 2013 until Oct 2013]

Administrative Assistants

Wallis Chaussebourg [Inria, until Aug. 2013]

Jessica Gameiro [Inria, since Oct 2013]


Arthur Marly [ENS Lyon, internship, from May 2013 until Jul 2013]

Teresa Scarinci [Inria, internship, FP7 ITN SADCO project, since Oct 2013]