Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries

  • F. Bonnans: Optimal control, 7h, M2, Ensta, France.

  • F. Bonnans: Continuous Optimization, 18h, M2, Ecole Polytechnique and U. Paris 6, France.

  • F. Bonnans: Numerical analysis of partial differential equations arising in finance and stochastic control, 24h, M2, Ecole Polytechnique and U. Paris 6, France.

  • H. Zidani: Optimal control, 14h, M2, Ensta, France.

  • H. Zidani: Numerical methods for front propagation, 21h, M2, Ensta France

  • PhD: Xavier Dupuis, Optimal control with or witout memories. ended Nov. 2013, F. Bonnans.

  • PhD : Laurent Pfeiffer, Sensitivity analysis for optimal control problems; Stochastic optimal control with probability constraints. ended Nov. 2013, F. Bonnans.

  • PhD: Zhiping Rao, Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuous coefficients. Ended Dec. 2013, H. Zidani and N. Forcadel.

  • PhD in progress : Imène Ben-Latifa, Optimal multiple stopping and valuation of swing options in jump models. Oct. 2010, F. Bonnans and M. Mnif (ENIT, Tunis).

  • PhD in progress: Athena Picarelli, First and Second Order Hamilton-Jacobi equations for State-Constrained Control Problems. Nov. 2011, O. Bokanowski and H. Zidani

  • PhD in progress: Cristopher Hermosilla, Feedback controls and optimal trajectories. Nov. 2011, H. Zidani.

  • PhD in progress: Mohamed Assellaou, Reachability analysis for stochastic controlled systems. Oct. 2011, O. Bokanowski and H.Zidani.

  • PhD in progress: Benjamin Heymann, Dynamic optimization with uncertainty; application to energy production. Oct. 2013, F. Bonnans.