Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Alain Gutierrez, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Michel Chein, Madalina Croitoru.

Cogui (http://www.lirmm.fr/cogui ) is a tool for building and verifying knowledge bases. It is a freeware written in Java (version 1.6). Currently, it supports Conceptual Graphs and import/export in RDFS and Datalog+/-. This year, the following features have been developed:

  • we have introduced the concept of scripted rule which associates more fluidly the editable graphical objects with scripts that perform operations on knowledge graphs. These features have been tested and improved in various projects this year (see e.g. Qualinca in Section  8.1 or CTFC in Section  7.2 ).

  • we have implemented an interface for quick and assisted creation of graphs. It is based upon Datalog+/- language and provides tools for automatic completion.

  • finally, default conceptual graphs rules were implemented in Cogui. An editing interface is available as well as the operation to find all extensions of a rule set. This feature is required by the CTFC project (see Section  7.2 ).