Section: Software and Platforms

Medical robotics platforms

Participants : Fabien Spindler [correspondant] , Alexandre Krupa.

This testbed is of primary interest for researches and experiments concerning ultrasound visual servoing applied to positioning or tracking tasks described in Section  6.4 .

This platform is composed by two Adept Viper six degrees of freedom arms (see Fig. 3 ). Ultrasound probes connected either to a SonoSite 180 Plus or an Ultrasonix SonixTouch imaging system can be mounted on a force torque sensor attached to each robot end-effector.

We started experimentation to validate needle detection and tracking under ultrasound imaging (see Section  6.4.1 ).

This year, two papers enclose experimental results obtained with this platform.

Figure 3. Lagadic medical robotics platforms. On the right Viper S850 robot arm equipped with a SonixTouch 3D ultrasound probe. On the left Viper S650 equipped with a tool changer that allows to attach a classical camera.