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Section: New Results

Haptic Cinematography

Participant : Marc Christie [contact] .

In 2013, we have demonstrated an approach to Haptic Cinematography in very selective events (2013 CHI conference [40] , 2013 Siggraph Emerging Technology [41] , 2013 UIST conference [39] ). This is joint work with members of the Hybrid team (Anatole Lécuyer, Fabien Danieau) and members of the Technicolor Company (Philippe Guillotel, Nicolas Mollet, Julien Fleureau). Haptic cinematography consists in enhancing our audio-visual experience of movies by adding haptic effects related to the semantics of camera motions. Camera motions in movies, which are typically non-diegetic elements in a narrative, tend to enhance user experience both visually and emotionnaly. The questions we address here are (i) whether the coupling between camera motions and haptic motions improve this experiences and (ii) what are the rules and recommendations for coupling these motions. Results, that we published in the IEEE Multimedia journal [8] , demonstrate that (i) the coupling is effective when precisely synchonized, (ii) the direction of motions between the camera and the haptic motions do not need to be correlated, and (iii) haptic metaphores can easily be perceived by the spectators. This opens great perspectives as to how haptic devices can enhance audio-visual contents in more sublte ways than straightforward mappings between diegatic elements and haptic motions.