Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Nathalie Glinsky [correspondant] , Stéphane Lanteri.

SISMO-DGTD is a software for the simulation of time domain seismic wave propagation. It implements a solution method for the velocity-stress equations in the time domain. SISMO-DGTD is based on a discontinuous Galerkin method formulated on unstructured triangular (2D case) or tetrahedral (3D case) meshes [6] . Within each element of the mesh, the components of the electromagnetic field are approximated by a arbitrary high order nodal polynomial interpolation method. This discontinuous Galerkin method combines a centered scheme for the evaluation of numerical fluxes at a face shared by two neighboring elements, with an explicit Leap-Frog time scheme. The software and the underlying algorithms are adapted to distributed memory parallel computing platforms thanks to a paralleization strategy that combines a partitioning of the computational domain with a message passing programming using the MPI standard.

  • AMS: AMS 35L50, AMS 35Q74, AMS 35Q86, AMS 65N08, AMS 65N30, AMS 65M60

  • Keywords: Computational geoseismics, elastodynamic equations, discontinuous Galerkin, tetrahedral mesh.

  • OS/Middelware: Linux

  • Required library or software: MPI (Message Passing Interface)

  • Programming language: Fortran 77/95