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Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Nora Aissiouene, Thibaud Kloczko [SED (Service d'Experimentation et de Développement) team] , Régis Duvigneau [OPALE project-team] , Thibaud Kloczko [SED team] , Stéphane Lanteri, Julien Wintz [SED team] .

NUM3SIS http://num3sis.inria.fr is a modular platform devoted to scientific computing and numerical simulation. It is designed to handle complex multidisciplinary simulations involving several fields such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Structural Mechanic (CSM) and Computational ElectroMagnetics (CEM). In this context, the platform provides a comprehensive framework for engineers and researchers that speeds up implementation of new models and algorithms. From a software engineering point of view, num3sis specializes and extends some layers of the meta-platform dtk, especially its core and composition layers. The core layer enables the user to define generic concepts used for numerical simulation such as mesh or finite-volume schemes which are then implemented through a set of plugins. The composition layer provides a visual programming framework that wraps these concepts inside graphical items, nodes. These nodes can then be connected to each other to define data flows (or compositions) corresponding to the solution of scientific problems. NUM3SIS provides a highly flexible, re-usable and efficient approach to develop new computational scenarios and takes advantage of existing tools. The team participates to the development of the NUM3SIS platform through the adaptation and integration of the MAXW-DGTD simulation software. This work is being carried out with the support of two engineers in the framework of an ADT (Action de Développement Technologique) program.