Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry


Participants : Nassif Berrabah, Qinghua Zhang.

A joint PhD project between Inria and EDF (Electricité de France) has been started since December 2014. The purpose of this study is to develop methods for the monitoring of electrical cables in power stations, in order to prevent failures caused by aging or accidental events. This project is funded by EDF and by the ANRT agency for three years.

Contracts with SVS

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Michael Doehler.

Annual agreement Inria-SVS 2381 + contract 4329

I4S is doing technology transfer towards SVS to implement I4S technologies into ARTEMIS Extractor Pro. This is done under a royalty agreement between Inria and SVS .

In 2014, the damage detection toolbox has been launched http://www.svibs.com/products/ARTeMIS_Modal_Features/Damage_Detection.aspx .

Contracts with A3IP

Participant : Vincent Le Cam.

A licensing work has been initialized at IFSTTAR in order to sold some licenses of PEGASE 2 to companies who would like to use, modify, extend and sell the functions in the Structural Health Monitoring world. Separate and non-exclusive licenses will be regarded to:

  • a) sell the PEGASE 2 devices : mother and daughter boards

  • b) sell the PEGASE 2 Supervisor

PhD CIFRE with Dassault Aviation

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Philippe Mellinger.

contract 7843.

Following the FliTE2 project, a joint PhD thesis between Inria and Dassault Aviation has been initiated. The thesis pursue the work achieved in FliTE2 and started in June 2011 funded by Dassault Aviation and the ANRT agency. PhD of P. Mellinger has been defended in December 2014.

Collaboration with Bruel and Kjaer

Participants : Laurent Mevel, Ivan Guéguen.

Collaboration has started on analysis on wind turbines data. A paper has been presented at EWSHM 2014.

Contract with SNCF

Participants : Vincent Le Cam, Mathieu Le Pen.

Deployment of a set of PEGASE platform for SNCF: SNCF has just signed a contract in view of instrumenting 2 railways sites where the needs of wireless and smart sensors has been expressed. I4S contribution will mainly focus on data processing and algorithms implementation.

Contract with GDF

Participants : Vincent Le Cam, Mathieu Le Pen.

GDF (national french Gaz company) has signed a wide contract with IFSTTAR relative to many items in Wireless Sensors Networks. One of the items will be prototyped on PEGASE 2 platform and consists in finding an accurate solution for WSN synchronization without GPS source and for an autonomy of 10 years. One of the identified solution will be prototyped on PEGASE 2 as wireless and generic development platform and as it offers an accurate 100 nanoseconds absolute time reference.

Collaboration with SIEMENS

Participant : Jean Dumoulin.

Since 2012, a work has been initiated for thermal studies for SIEMENS about subway infrastructures. 2013 was dedicated to the study of thermal instrumentation of subway. 2014 was focused on the instrumentation of a rail mockup in Nantes.