Section: New Results

Biomechanics for avatar animation

Participants : Charles Pontonnier, Georges Dumont, Steve Tonneau, Franck Multon, Julien Pettré [contact] , Ana Lucia Cruz Ruiz, Antoine Muller.

Bio-inpired controllers and planners are compelling for avatar animation. We are currently engaging several works on the subject within the frame of the ENTRACTE project.

Ana-Lucia Cruz-Ruiz has been recruited as a PhD student since november 2013. The goal of this thesis is to define and evaluate muscle-based controllers for avatar animation.A first result has been obtained in defining and validating a bio-inspired limb controller based on a linearizing loop of a neuromuscular complex. Application on a one-dof limb has been validated by comparing the muscle activation shapes obtained in simulation with standard records of biceps and triceps activation [3] .