Section: Research Program


The project of team potioc is oriented along three axes:

  • Understanding humans interacting with the digital world

  • Creating interactive systems

  • Exploring new applications and usages

These axes are depicted in Figure 2 .

Figure 2. The three axes of the potioc team objectives.

Objective 1 is centered on the human sensori-motor and cognitive abilities, as well as user strategies and preferences, for completing interaction tasks. Our contributions for this objective are a better understanding of humans interacting with interactive systems. The impact of this objective is mainly at a fundamental level.  

In objective 2, our goal is to create interactive systems. This may include hardware parts where new input and output modalities are explored. This also includes software parts, that are strongly linked to the underlying hardware components. Our contribution in objective 2 is to develop (hardware/software) interaction techniques allowing humans to perform interaction tasks.  

Finally, in objective 3, we consider interaction at a higher level, taking into account factors that are linked to specifc application domains and usages. Our contribution in this area is the exploration and the emergence of new applications and usages that take benefit from the developments of the project. With this objective, we target mainly a societal impact.  

Of course, strong links exist between the three objectives of the project. For example, the results obtained in objective 1 guide the development of objective 2. Inversely, new systems developed in objective 2 may feed research questions of objective 1. There exists similar links with objective 3.