Section: New Results

Interaction in mobile augmented reality

Participants : Asier Marzo, Benoît Bossavit, Martin Hachet.

Nowadays, handheld devices are capable of displaying augmented environments in which virtual content overlaps reality. To interact with these environments it is necessary to use a manipulation technique. The objective of a manipulation technique is to define how the input data modify the properties of the virtual objects. Current devices have multi-touch screens that can serve as input. Additionally, the position and rotation of the device can also be used as input creating both an opportunity and a design challenge. In this project we compared three manipulation techniques which namely employ multi-touch, device position and a combination of both. A user evaluation on a docking task revealed that combining multi- touch and device movement yields the best task completion time and efficiency. Nevertheless, using only the device movement and orientation is more intuitive and performs worse only in large rotations. This work has been presented at the ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction 2014 [21] .

Figure 7. Touch (left), tilte (middle) and AR interaction techniques.

In this project we have furthermore evaluated controls based on Augmented Reality (AR), Tilt and Touch for a Point and Shoot Mobile Game (see Figure 7 ). A user study (n=12) was conducted to compare the three controls in terms of player experience and accuracy. Tilt and AR controls provided more enjoyment, immersion and accuracy to the players than Touch. Nonetheless, touch caused fewer nuisances and was playable under more varied situations. Despite the current technical limitations, we suggest to incorporate AR controls into the mobile games that supported them. Nowadays, AR controls can be implemented on handheld devices as easily as the more established Tilt and Touch controls. However, this study is the first comparison of them and thus its findings could be of interest for game developers. This work has been presented at ISMAR - MASH'D [22] .