TONUS - 2014

Section: New Results

GPU Optimization of Discontinuous Galerkin solvers

Participants : Michaël Gutnic, Philippe Helluy, Michel Massaro, Thomas Strub.

We have continued to investigate implementations of numerical schemes on new hybrid computer architectures. We have for instance applied a very efficient Strang splitting algorithm for the numerical resolution of the MHD or compressible multiphase model ([16] , [18] , [22] ). We have also highly optimized our DG solver CLAC ([20] ) for electromagnetic applications. For instance, we have implemented an OpenCL task graph that allows to overlap GPU computations and MPI communications. With this optimizations, we were recently able to achieve a 14 GFLOPS simulation with 8 GPUs on an electromagnetic test case. These results are included in the PhD of Thomas Strub (defence planned in March 2015).