TONUS - 2014

Section: New Results

Numerical and theoretical study of reduced MHD problems for the JOREK code

Participant : Emmanuel Franck.

The Jorek code is a parallel finit element code (used at the CEA Cadarache and the IPP) which simulates the edge instabilities in the Tokamak solving reduced MHD models. Firstly we have written a family of full MHD models (resistive, diamagnetic and extended MHD models). Using this, we write the reduced MHD models close to the models implemented in the code which conserve the energy and are more stable ( [35] ). This work will probably be published as an Inria report next year. The second part of this work consists in writing a simplified version of the JOREK code which will be useful to test and validate future numerical research in the JOREK context. Actually we have written a code which solve simple elliptic equations in 3D toroidal geometry using Bezier, splines and Fourier expansion. The integration of simple wave model and reduced MHD models [33] is in progress. When these model will be implemented, we will test a new preconditioning for the JOREK code in these simple configurations.