Section: Dissemination


Marie Duflot-Kremer took part in various popularization activities, with a public ranging from primary school kids (with unplugged activities concerning sorting, programming, error detection) to non-scientific staff of the Inria center. She is also a member of the steering committee preparing an itinerant exposition intended for explaining computer science to high-school students and took part in an event of the European Code Week in Paris.

Pascal Fontaine and Stephan Merz illustrated some subjects and techniques that underly formal verification of protocols and algorithms at events like “Fête de la Science”. Using wooden puzzles and Sudoku sheets, they explained how real-life problems can be represented in logical form and then solved using automated tools based on formal logic.

Christoph Weidenbach lectured within the series “Perspektiven der Informatik” at Saarland University and within the public lecture series of the federal state of Saarland.