Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

Research in visual analytics can profit from the challenges and requirements of real-world datasets. Aviz develops active collaboration with users from a range of application domains, making sure it can support their specific needs. By studying similar problems in different domains, we can begin to generalize our results and have confidence that our solutions will work for a variety of applications.

We apply our techniques to important medical applications domains such as bioinformatics and brain studies. In particular, we are interested in helping neuroscientists make sense of evolving functional networks, in the form of weighted and/or dynamic graphs.

Other application domains include:

  • Digital Humanities in general, with the Cendari European project with historians from most European countries, the project “Interactive Network Visualization” with Microsoft Research-Inria Joint Centre on Graph Visualization, and with our work on Word-Scale Visualizations;

  • Many traditional scientific research fields such as astronomy, fluid dynamics, structural biology, and neurosciences;

  • Scientific illustration that can benefit from illustrative visualization techniques for scientific data;

  • Personal visualization and visual analytics in which we develop solutions for the general audience.