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Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific events organisation

Member of the organizing committees
  • workshop 3rd generation sequencing, June 9, 117 attendees

  • workshop Bioinformatics tools for NRPS discovery, from genomic data to the products, october 28-30, 32 attendees

  • workshop Drug design and virtual screening November 30, 60 attendees

Scientific events selection

Chair of conference program committees
  • H. Touzet was PC chair of the international conference WABI 2015 (Atlanta, USA, september 10-12)

Member of the conference program committees
  • HiCOMB 2015 (M. Giraud)

  • JOBIM 2015 (H. Touzet).

  • RECOMB-seq 2015 (H. Touzet, L. Noé).

  • SeqBio 2015 (H. Touzet).

  • WABI 2015 (H. Touzet, L. Noé, R. Chikhi).


Reviewer - Reviewing activities
  • Bioinformatics (M. Pupin, L. Noé, R. Chikhi)

  • BMC Bioinformatics (M. Salson, R. Chikhi)

  • Genome Biology (R. Chikhi)

  • GigaScience (R. Chikhi)

  • Microbiology Open (V. Leclère)

  • Nucleic Acids Journal (R. Chikhi)

  • Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology (M. Pupin)

Scientific expertise

  • Expert for Allistène (H. Touzet)

  • Expert for the French-Brazilian program CAPES-COFECUB (H. Touzet)

  • Expert for Département de l'Essone (H. Touzet)

Research administration

  • Member of the CUB for Inria Lille (S. Blanquart)

  • Member of the Charles Viollette Institute Laboratory council (V. Leclère)

  • Member of the Charles Viollette Institute scientific committee (V. Leclère)

  • Member of the scientific operational committee of Xperium, Univ. Lille 1 (V. Leclère)

  • Member of the Inria local committee for technology development (M. Pupin)

  • Member of the national evaluation committee of computer science for University members (M. Pupin)

  • Member of the executive council of the IFB, Institut Français de Bioinformatique, (M.  Pupin)

  • Member of the Inria local committee for the IT users (M. Salson)

  • Member of the national scientific committee of INS2I–CNRS (H. Touzet)

  • Member of the Gilles Kahn PhD award national commitee (H. Touzet)

  • Member of the CRIStAL Laboratory council (H. Touzet)

  • Member of the GRIOTE (Groupement de Recherche en Intégration de données Omics à Très grande Echelle, région Pays de Loire) scientific council (H. Touzet)

  • Member of the scientific committee of the national program Environmics (H. Touzet)

  • Member of the CRIStAL scientific council, representant of the thematic group “Modeling for life sciences” (J.-S. Varré)