Section: New Software and Platforms


Nonribosomal peptides resource

Keywords: Bioinformatics - Biotechnology - Biology - Genomics - Graph algorithmics - Chemistry - Knowledge database - Drug development - Computational biology

Functional Description

Norine is a public computational resource with a web interface and REST access to a knowledge-base of nonribosomal peptides. It also contains dedicated tools : 2D graph viewer and editor, comparison of NRPs, MyNorine, a tool allowing anybody to easly submit new nonribosomal peptides, Smiles2monomers (s2m), a tool that deciphers the monomeric structure of polymers from their chemical structure.

  • Participants: Maude Pupin, Areski Flissi, Valerie Leclère, Laurent Noé, Yoann Dufresne, Juraj Michalik and Stéphane Janot

  • Partners: CNRS - Université Lille 1 - Institut Charles Viollette

  • Contact: Maude Pupin

  • URL: http://bioinfo.lille.inria.fr/NRP