Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

First DNS simulation of a turbulent flow with AeroSol

Figure 3. DNS of jets in crossflow (AeroSol-DG2): Examples of snapshots of instantaneous surfaces of the velocity norm. Left - With a 0-degree jet skidding (MAVERIC configuration). Right - With a 90-degree jet skidding.
IMG/figure3-left.png IMG/figure3-right.png

In 2015, the first DNS of the configuration of a jet in turbulent crossflow have been carried out with the AeroSol library. Qualitativeley speaking, this represents the completion of the initial objective that the team was targeting in 2011 when it was created ! These computations were done within the IMPACT-AE project. The runs were using 1024 cores of the BlueGene /Q cluster Turing at IDRIS thanks to a 4400000-hour computing grant obtained in 2015. Examples of results obtained for the two flow configurations considered are presented in Fig. 3 .

Implementation of the EB-RSM model into StarCCM+

In close collaboration with the R&D team of Adapco, the company that develops and sells the commercial CFD package StarCCM+, the EB-RSM model has been implemented in this code, starting from release 10.02. This constitutes a significant achievement that our models are made widely available to the engineering community.