Section: Dissemination


  • M. Gautier has introduced robotics in a lycée in Aix

  • J-P. Merlet has presented robotics assistance during an associations meeting organized by the Conseil Général. He has introduced modern robotics to 100 students of preparatory school in Cannes.

  • Y.Papegay is actively participating to the Math.en.Jeans initiative for Mathematics teaching for undergraduate students. He organized and animated a summer school in experimental mathematics and computer sciences. Two one week sessions have been held in Oxford in June gathering 30 high-school students - most of them were awardees in Mathematics Olympiad

  • O. Pourtallier has presented our activity to Laurence ROSSIGNOL, Secrétaire d'Etat chargée de la famille, de l’enfance, des personnes âgées et de l’autonomie

  • the team has exhibited its experimental flat to about 100 visitors

  • the team has organized a 5 days workshop Computer science for artists. Fours artists have been submitted to a crash curse on the use of sensors and actuation and have proposed a musical/dancing show the last day, based on the use of numerous motors and sensors