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Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year


  • strong advances on the analysis of cable-driven parallel robots (section  7.1.1 )

  • collaboration with lawyers on the ethical and legal aspects of robotics

  • strong collaboration with the medical community on walking analysis and rehabilitation (section )


  • start of an extensive test period for our walkers in clinical environment (section )

  • start of the daily activities monitoring in our building (section )

  • the workshop Computer science for artists


  • the contract with GénerationRobot for the development of a pedagogical cable-driven parallel robot

  • J-P. Merlet has been nominated as IEEE Fellow and doctor honoris causae from University Innsbruck. He was also awarded a prize from Cote d'Azur University

  • Y. Papegay was awarded the Wolfram Innovator Award