Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Other activities

  • the team has been involved for the FHU INOVPAIN : Innovative Solutions in Refractory Chronic Pain that has been labeled in December

Challenges and grants
  • Submission to the I-Lab 2015 challenge (prize winner)

  • Submission to Charles Foix Grant

  • Submission to the call AUTON (CNRS) with Marc Relieu (Telecom ParisTech) (accepted)

Euthenia Start-up

Participants : Ting Wang, Bernard Senach, Jean-Pierre Merlet.

We pursued our actions to valuate technologies developed within HEPHAISTOS project team. The goal is to bring to the market an instrumented walker which provides to its users and to other stakeholder various information about walking performance. This year we proposed the creation of the Inria start-up Euthenia and we submitted to two national challenges. We won a prize for the I-Lab 2015 challenge (30 keuros) and were nominated for the Charles Foix Grant. Our Safe Walker was used as a pilot during the first Summer school of the European Institute of Technology and it was presented in Nice at the opening ceremony the Living Lab "27 Delvalle". For personal reasons the start-up is in stand-by for now but we hope to be able to reactivate it.