Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

  • PERSYVACT projects.

    mistis is involved in the 3-year project-team Oculo Nimbus, funded (250 keuros for the whole project) by the PERSYVAL labex (https://persyval-lab.org/en ), with other teams from local laboratories, LJK, GIPSA-Lab and LPNC. The goal of this research project is to develop tools for analyzing eye-movement data.

    mistis is also invollved in another action (2015-2018) recently granted Persyvact2 action supported by the Persyval Labex for 3.5 years. This project is a follow-up of the Persyvact Exploratory labex project. Persyvact2 consists of about 20 researchers from different laboratories, GIPSA-lab, LJK and TIMC-IMAG and different fields related to data science (statistics, machine learning, image and signal processing). Our contribution and involvement will lie essentially in a Graph signal processing work package with application in neuroscience for which we are planning to hire a PhD student with S. Achard (GIPSA-Lab). Persyvact2 also intends to organize scientific events and an international workshop during its lifetime. Persyvact2 will contribute, with other teams of Persyval, to enhance the international visibility of data science in Grenoble. The financial support for the consortium is of 250 keuros.

  • Grenoble Pole Cognition (2013-15). We received in 2015 2.5 keuros from the Grenoble Pole Cogntion, http://www.grenoblecognition.fr/ , for collaborative projects involving the GIN and the Pixyl startup. This funding was used this year for the internship of Priscillia Previtero on brain MRI analysis.

  • mistis participates in the weekly statistical seminar of Grenoble. Jean-Baptiste Durand is in charge of the organization and several lecturers have been invited in this context.