Creation of the Team: 2012 January 01, updated into Project-Team: 2014 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Martin Hachet [Team leader, Inria, Researcher, HdR]

Anke Brock [Inria, Researcher]

Fabien Lotte [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Member

Pascal Guitton [Univ. Bordeaux, Professor, HdR]


Boris Mansencal [Bordeaux INP & LaBRI, from Sep 2015]

Fatma Ben Guefrache [granted by SATT Nancy Grand-Est, from Feb 2015 until Jul 2015]

Benoit Coulais [Inria, granted by ADT HOBIT, from Oct 2015]

Renaud Gervais [Inria, granted by ANR ISAR, from December 2015]

Robin Gourdel [granted by SATT Nancy Grand-Est, from Sep 2015]

Jeremy Laviole [Inria, granted by Inria ADT Artik]

PhD Students

Renaud Gervais [Inria, granted by Inria CORDI-S, until December 2015]

Julia Chatain [Univ. Bordeaux, granted by AMX scholarship, since September 2015]

Damien Clergeaud [Inria, granted by Airbus]

Jeremy Frey [Univ. Bordeaux, granted by ministery of the Universities and the research (MESR)]

Camille Jeunet [Univ. Bordeaux, granted by ministery of the Universities and the research (MESR) and Univ. of Bordeaux Idex]

Joan Sol Roo [Inria, granted by Inria CORDI-S]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

David Furio [Univ. Bordeaux, granted by Idex Université de Bordeaux - cluster CPU]

Visiting Scientists

Lena Merle Andreessen [TU Berlin, Nov 2015]

Laurens Ruben Krol [TU Berlin, Nov 2015]

Thorsten Oliver Zander [TU Berlin, Nov 2015]

Administrative Assistant

Catherine Cattaert Megrat [Inria]


Maxime Daniel [Inria & Immersion, Internship, from Feb 2015 until Jul 2015]

Marie Demangeat [Inria, Internship, from Apr 2015 until May 2015]

Maxime Duluc [Inria, Internship, from Mar 2015 until Jul 2015]

Alexis Gay [Inria, Internship, from Jun 2015 until Sep 2015]

Emilie Jahanpour [Inria, Internship, from Apr until May 2015]

Julia Chatain [Inria & Cap Sciences, Internship, from Feb to Jul 2015]