Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Neurosciences - Interaction - Virtual reality - Health - Real time - Neurofeedback - Brain-Computer Interface - EEG - 3D interaction

Functional Description

OpenViBE is a software platform for real-time neurosciences (that is, for real-time processing of brain signals). It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time from various signal sources. OpenViBE is free and open source software. It works on Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Participants: Yann Renard, Anatole Lécuyer, Fabien Lotte, Bruno Renier, Vincent Delannoy, Laurent Bonnet, Baptiste Payan, Jozef Legény, Jussi Tapio Lindgren, Alison Cellard, Loïc Mahé, Guillaume Serriere, Marsel Mano, Maureen Clerc Gallagher, Théodore Papadopoulo, Laurent Bougrain, Jérémy Frey, Nathanael Foy

  • Partners: INSERM - CEA-List - GIPSA-Lab

  • Contact: Anatole Lécuyer

  • URL: http://openvibe.inria.fr

In 2015, the first stable version of the OpenViBE software, OpenViBE version 1.0.0, was released. OpenViBE 1.0.0 features lots of fixes for stability and usability. There has been a significant effort in cleanup and removal of unused components and dead code. This version introduces more tools for communicating with other software, added support for some new, emerging acquisition systems, such as OpenBCI and new signal processing algorithms such as Wavelet decomposition and artifact removal boxes. Link: http://openvibe.inria.fr/openvibe-1-0-0-has-been-released/