Section: New Results

Combining and Revealing Spaces for Musical Performances

Participant : Martin Hachet.

In collaboration with University of Bristol (Florent Berthaut, Diego Martinez, and Sriram Subramanian) we have designed a mixed-reality environment for musical performances that allows for freely displaying virtual content on stage, such as 3D virtual musical interfaces or visual augmentations of instruments and performers. This environment, called Reflets, relies on spectators and performers revealing virtual objects by slicing through them with body parts or objects, and on planar slightly reflective transparent panels that combine the stage and audience spaces. It allows for placing virtual content anywhere on large stages, even overlapping with physical elements and provides a consistent rendering of this content for large numbers of spectators. It also preserves non-verbal communication between the audience and the performers, and is inherently engaging for the spectators. Reflets opens musical performance opportunities such as augmented interaction between musicians and novel techniques for 3D sound shapes manipulation [20] .