Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

Inria ADT Artik:

  • duration: 2014-2016

  • coordinator: Jérémy Laviole & Martin Hachet

  • The Artik projet is focused on the development of Papart (Paper Augmented Reality Toolkit). Papart is a toolkit that enables projector/cameras (ProCam) and depth camera to work together to create interactive surfaces. It works with comsumer-available hardware and enables tabletop interactions, although high-end cameras and projectors are also well supported. Here are the major advances of the developments of 2015: The hardware is now managed with a dedicated application, each Papart application is now hardware agnostic. Extrinsic calibration of projector / color and depth cameras can be done with any application running, the calibration processing is now below 2 minutes. The touch detection can be tweaked to fit any suface: it has been tested on a table, wall, and floor with respectively finger, hand, and foot interaction. This project relies on open source software, we also maintain the support of Maven distribution for the Processing project.

  • website: https://team.inria.fr/potioc/scientific-subjects/papart/


Cap Sciences:

  • Potioc has strong relationships with the Cap Sciences museum (http://www.cap-sciences.net/ ), especially through its Living Lab. In 2015, we have co-supervised a Master thesis on augmented interactive maps that was partly done at Cap Sciences and Inria-Potioc. We are currently investigating how this map prototype can be used in a smart city project with Cap Sciences.



  • Potioc has strong relationships with Immersion. In 2015, Immersion and Potioc notably co-supervised a Master student (Maxime Daniel) on the topic "Évaluation de la charge de travail, de l'attention, et de la reconnaissance d'erreur dans un environnement interactif par analyse EEG".