Section: New Software and Platforms


Functional Description

SPASS is an automated theorem prover based on superposition that handles first-order logic with equality and several extensions for particular classes of theories. It has been developed since the mid-1990s at the Max-Planck Institut für Informatik in Saarbrücken. Version 3.8 is the final release of the SPASS first-order prover built on a traditional “select given loop” design; it is distributed under the FreeBSD license at http://www.spass-prover.org .

SPASS will be released in the future in the form of various reasoners for different logics, including combinations of first-order logic with background theories, in particular some forms of arithmetic. In 2015, we have continued our efforts to improve the superposition calculus as well as to develop dedicated arithmetic decision procedures for various arithmetic theories, in particular linear integer arithmetic. Our results are:

  • new calculi and decidability results for finite domain fragments,

  • specialized reasoning support for finite subsets,

  • specialized decision procedures for linear real arithmetic with one quantifier alternation,

  • new efficient and complete procedures for (mixed) linear integer arithmetic,

  • decidability results and respective procedures for various combinations of linear arithmetic with first-order logic.

  • Participants: Martin Bromberger, Thomas Sturm, Marco Voigt, Uwe Waldmann, Christoph Weidenbach

  • Contact: Christoph Weidenbach

  • URL: http://www.spass-prover.org/