Section: New Results

Preference Between Allocentric and Egocentric 3D Manipulation in a Locally Coupled Configuration

Participants : Paul Issartel, Lonni Besançon [correspondant] , Steven Franconeri.

We study user preference between allocentric and egocentric 3D manipulation on mobile devices, in a configuration where the motion of the device is applied to an object displayed on the device itself. We first evaluate this preference for translations and for rotations alone, then for full 6-DOF manipulation. We also investigate the role of contextual cues by performing this experiment in different 3D scenes. Finally, we look at the specific influence of each manipulation axis. Our results provide guidelines to help interface designers select an appropriate default mapping in this locally coupled configuration.

More on the project Web page: http://lonni.besancon.pagesperso-orange.fr/Projects/Mappings/Mappings.html.