Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organization

General Chair, Scientific Chair
  • RepSeq 2016, workshop on immune repertoire sequencing at ECCB 2016 (M. Giraud, M. Salson).

Member of the Organizing Committees
  • SMPGD, Statistical Methods in Post Genomic Data (H. Touzet).

Scientific Events Selection

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • WABI 2016 (H. Touzet).

  • RECOM-seq 2016 (H. Touzet).

  • ECCB 2016 (J.-S. Varré, R. Chikhi).

  • PSC 2016 (M. Salson).

  • RECOMB-CG 2016 (J.-S. Varré).

  • TCBB 2016 (J.-S. Varré).

  • RECOMB 2016 (R. Chikhi).


Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Bioinformatics (M. Salson, J.-S. Varré, R. Chikhi, H. Touzet).

  • PLoS Genetics (R. Chikhi).

  • Genome Research (R. Chikhi).

  • Nucleic Acids Research (R. Chikhi).

  • Journal of Discrete Algorithms (M. Salson).

  • Briefing in Bioinformatics (H. Touzet).

Invited Talks

  • RegPep2016 (regulated peptides) in Rouen (France), Symposium 8 "In silico approaches to peptide identification and design" (M. Pupin).

  • SMPGD keynote in Lille (France), (R. Chikhi).

  • National meeting of GDR Informatique Mathématique in Paris (H. Touzet).

  • MatBio 2016 in London (H. Touzet).

  • Summer school in metagenomics in Paris (H. Touzet).

Scientific Expertise

  • Reviewer for a Swiss National Science Foundation grant (R. Chikhi).

  • Member of the scientific committee of the national program Environmics (H. Touzet).

  • Reviewer for a CRSNG grant (H. Touzet).

  • Reviewer for labex CIMI PhD grant (H. Touzet).

  • Member of three HCERES committees: L2N (LINA and IRCCyN, Nantes), Loria (Nancy), I2M (Marseille) (H. Touzet).

Research Administration

  • Member of the CUB for Inria Lille (S. Blanquart).

  • Member of the Charles Viollette Institute Laboratory council (V. Leclère).

  • Member of the Charles Viollette Institute scientific committee (V. Leclère).

  • Member of the scientific operational committee of Xperium, Univ. Lille 1 (V. Leclère).

  • Member of the Inria local committee for technology development (M. Pupin).

  • Member of the executive council of the IFB, Institut Français de Bioinformatique, (M. Pupin).

  • Member of the Inria local committee for the IT users (M. Salson).

  • Member of the national scientific committee of INS2I–CNRS (H. Touzet).

  • Member of the scientific committee of MBIA – INRA (H. Touzet).

  • Head of the national CNRS network GDR Bioinformatique moléculaire (http://www.gdr-bim.cnrs.fr, H. Touzet).

  • Vice-head of the Lille Bioinformatics platform, bilille (H. Touzet).

  • Member of the CRIStAL Laboratory council (H. Touzet).

  • Member of the CRIStAL scientific council, coordinator of the thematic group “Modeling for life sciences” (J.-S. Varré).