Section: New Software and Platforms

OPERA and OCARI (Software)

Participants : Erwan Livolant, Pascale Minet.

The OPERA software was developed by the Hipercom2 team in the OCARI project It includes EOLSR, an energy efficient routing protocol and OSERENA, a coloring algorithm optimized for dense wireless networks. It was registered by the APP. In 2013, OPERA has been made available for download as an open software from the InriaGForge site: https://gforge.inria.fr/scm/?group_id=4665

In 2014, OPERA has been ported on a more powerful platform based on the Atmel transceiver AT86RF233 and on a 32 bits microcontroler Cortex M3. More details and documentation about this software are available in the website made by the Eva team: http://opera.gforge.inria.fr/index.html

In 2016, Erwan Livolant developed extensions to allow the remote management of the OCARI network and the transmission of commands to sensors and actuators.