Section: New Software and Platforms

F-Interop (Software)

Participants : Remy Leone, Thomas Watteyne.

F-Interop is revolutionizing the way interoperability events are conducted. We are building a cloud-based system which allows implementors to meet online to test their implementations against one another, verify compliance in a automated way, and verify the performance of their implementations on large scale testbeds. This significantly cuts down time-to-market for standards-based solutions, and eventually leads to more standards-based products on the market. The F-Interop platform starts by targeting 6TiSCH, 6LoWPAN and CoAP standards, but our ambition is for F-Interop to become the standard way of doing interoperability, at least at the IETF IoT level.

This implementation is done as part of the H2020 F-Interop project. More information at http://www.f-interop.eu/.

This software appears in https://bil.inria.fr/.