Section: New Software and Platforms

SolSystem (Software)

Participants : Keoma Brun-Laguna, Thomas Watteyne.

SolSystem is a back-end solution for a low-power wireless mesh network based on SmartMesh IP. It defines how low-power wireless devices must format and transfer sensor data, and the tools to gather, store and display sensor data.

This system is used in several deployments, including http://savethepeaches.com/ and http://snowhow.io/.

The source code is composed of the definition of the SOL structure (https://github.com/realms-team/sol), the code that runs on the manager (https://github.com/realms-team/solmanager, written in Python) and the code that runs on the server receiving the data (https://github.com/realms-team/solserver, written in Python).

It is published under an open-source BSD license. Information and overview at http://www.solsystem.io/.

This software appears in https://bil.inria.fr/.