Section: New Software and Platforms

Argus (Software)

Participants : Remy Leone, Thomas Watteyne.

Share your low-power wireless sniffer through the cloud!

Imagine you are a team of low-power wireless enthusiasts developing the next generation of products in standards. One essential tool in your toolkit is a low-power wireless sniffer, which shows you the frames which fly through the air.

Rather than requiring each person in your team to have a sniffer, Argus allows you to put in a share a sniffer through the cloud.

There are three piece to Argus:

  • The Argus Probe is the program which attaches to your low-power wireless sniffer and forwards its traffic to the Argus Broker.

  • The Argus Broker sits somewhere in the cloud. Based on MQTT, it connect Argus Probes with Argus Clients based on a pub-sub architecture.

  • Several Argus Clients can the started at the same time. It is a program which subscribes to the Argus Broker and displays the frames in Wireshark.

It is published under an open-source BSD license, maintained at https://github.com/openwsn-berkeley/argus.

This software appears in https://bil.inria.fr/.