Section: New Software and Platforms

Tools for education


Keyword: Automatic Learning

Functional Description

KidLearn is a software which adaptively personalize sequences of learning activities to the particularities of each individual student. It aims at proposing to the student the right activity at the right time, maximizing concurrently his learning progress and its motivation. The library regrouping the different developed technologies is available on github.


Functional Description

KidBreath is a web responsive application composed by several interactive contents linked to asthma and displayed to different forms: learning activities with quiz, short games and videos. There are profil creation and personalization, and a part which describes historic and scoring of learning activities, to see evolution of Kidreath use. To test Kidlearn algorithm, it is iadapted and integrated on this platform. Development in PHP, HTML-5, CSS, MySQL, JQuery, Javascript. Hosting in APACHE, LINUX, PHP 5.5, MySQL, OVH.

Kidlearn: money game application

Functional Description

The games is instantiated in a browser environment where students are proposed exercises in the form of money/token games (see Figure 7). For an exercise type, one object is presented with a given tagged price and the learner has to choose which combination of bank notes, coins or abstract tokens need to be taken from the wallet to buy the object, with various constraints depending on exercises parameters. The games have been developed using web technologies, HTML5, javascript and Django.

Figure 7. Four principal regions are defined in the graphical interface. The first is the wallet location where users can pick and drag the money items and drop them on the repository location to compose the correct price. The object and the price are present in the object location. Four different types of exercises exist: M : customer/one object, R : merchant/one object, MM : customer/two objects, RM : merchant/two objects.
IMG/exMbis.png IMG/exR2.png
IMG/exMMwrong.png IMG/exRm4.png

Kidlearn: script for Kidbreath use

Functional Description

A new way to test Kidlearn algorithms is to use them on Kidbreath Plateform. The Kidbreath Plateform use apache/PHP server, so to facilitate the integration of our algorithm, a python script have been made to allow PHP code to use easily the python library already made which include our algorithms.

Github link to explanation about it : https://github.com/flowersteam/kidlearn/tree/feature/kidbreath/module_php.