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Section: New Results

Quantum LDPC codes

Quantum codes are the analogous of error correcting codes for a quantum computer. A well known family of quantum codes are the CSS codes due to Calderbank, Shor and Steane can be represented by a pair of matrices (HX,HZ) such that HXHZT=0. As in classical coding theory, if these matrices are sparse, then the code is said to be LDPC. An open problem in quantum coding theory is to get a family of quantum LDPC codes whose asymptotic minimum distance is in Ω(nα) for some α>1/2. No such family is known and actually, only few known families of quantum LDPC codes have a minimum distance tending to infinity.

In [24], Benjamin Audoux (I2M, Marseille) and A. Couvreur investigate a problem suggested by Bravyi and Hastings. They studied the behaviour of iterated tensor powers of CSS codes and prove in particular that such families always have a minimum distance tending to infinity. They propose also 3 families of LDPC codes whose minimum distance is in Ω(nβ) for all β<1/2.