Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Organisation

Member of the Organizing Committees
  • D. Augot is member of the committee of the CCA seminar on coding and cryptology. This seminar regularly attracts around 30 participants.

Scientific Events Selection

  • D. Augot was reviewer for International Symposium on Information Theory


Member of the Editorial Boards
  • D. Augot is member of the editorial board of the RAIRO - Theoretical Informatics and Applications, a Cambridge journal published by EDP Sciences.

  • D. Augot is member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Information and Coding Theory, InderScience publishers.

  • F. Morain is member of the editorial board of the Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, Springer.

  • A. Couvreur was editor with Alp Bassa (Bogazici University, Turkey) and David Kohel (Aix-Marseille University) of a number of AMS Contemporary Mathematics for the proceedings of the conference AGCT (Arithmetic Geometry Cryptography and Coding Theory) 2015.

Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • D. Augot was reviewer for

    • Discrete Mathematics

    • Designs, Codes and Cryptography

    • Linear and Multilinear Algebra

    • Finite Fields and their applications

  • A. Couvreur was reviewer for

    • Discrete Mathematics

    • Designs, Codes and Cryptography

    • Journal of Algebra

Invited Talks

  • D. Augot was invited speaker at Yet Another Cryptography Conference (YACC), Porquerolles, June 2016.

  • B. Smith was an invited speaker at the 20th international Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Izmir, Turkey, September 2016.

  • A. Couvreur gave a talk to represent the group Codes et Cryptographie of the GdR Informatique Mathématiques (GdR IM) at the Journées nationales du GdR IM at University Paris 13 (January 13).

Scientific Expertise

  • D. Augot participated in a round table at a workshop organized by French National Assembly (lower house) at, on blockchains (March 24th).

  • D. Augot participated in a round table at Paris Dauphine on blockchains, organized by the chair “Chaire Gouvernance & Régulation” (November 1).

  • D. Augot made a talk on hashing and blockchain at a workshop on blockchains held at Institut Poincaré (November 16).

Teaching in international postgraduate summer schools

  • B. Smith gave lectures on Basic public-key constructions with elliptic curves and Advanced constructions in curve-based cryptography at the Summer school on real-world crypto and privacy, Sibenik, Croatia, June 2016.

  • B. Smith gave a course on asymmetric cryptography and elliptic curves at the Crypto-CO summer school on cryptography and security, Bogota, Colombia, July 2016.

  • B. Smith gave lectures on elliptic curves at the ECC2016 Computational Algebraic Number Theory School, Izmir, Turkey, September 2016.

Research Administration


  • A. Couvreur is an elected member of Saclay's comité de centre.

  • A. Couvreur is an elected member of Saclay's Comité local Hygiène, Sécurité et Conditions de Travail.

  • A. Couvreur is the jeune chercheur référent for the commission de suivi doctoral of Inria Saclay.

  • D. Augot is a member of LIX's conseil de direction.

  • D. Augot is the vice-head of Inria's comité de suivi doctoral

  • D. Augot is a member of LIX's assemblée des chefs d'équipe

  • D. Augot is elected member of the conseil académique consultatif of Paris-Saclay University.

  • F. Levy-dit-Vehelis a representative of “enseignants-chercheurs” of LIX.

  • F. Morain, B. Smith and A. Couvreur are elected members of the Conseil de Laboratoire of the LIX.

  • F. Morain is vice-head of the Département d'informatique of Ecole Polytechnique.

  • F. Morain represents École polytechnique in the committee in charge of Mention HPC in the Master de l'université Paris Saclay.

  • F. Morain is member of the Board of Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI).

  • B. Smith is a Correspondant for International Relations at Saclay.

  • B. Smith is a member of the COST-GTRI.

  • B. Smith is a member of the teaching committee of the Department of Computer Science of the École polytechnique.

  • B. Smith is the academic coordinator for Computer Science in the new Bachelor program at École polytechnique.


  • D. Augot was in the committee assessing candidates for Univ. Paris 8.