Section: New Software and Platforms


MaPHyS (Massively Parallel Hybrid Solver) is an hybrid iterative/direct parallel (MPI-threads) sparse linear solver based on algebraic domain decomposition technique for real/complex symmetric positive definite/unsym/-metric matrices. For a given number of MPI processes/domains, MaPHyS solves the Schur complement computed from the adjacency graph of the sparse matrix using a preconditioned Krylov subspace method (CG or GMRES). The provided preconditioners are variants of an algebraic Additive Schwarz methods. A prototype version of a two level precondionner using an algebraic coarse space is available but not yet publicly distributed (provided upon request for beta testers).

  • Audience: A-4 (large audience, used by people outside the team).

  • Software originality: SO-4 (original software implementing a fair number of original ideas).

  • Software maturity: SM-3 (well-developed software, good documentation, reasonable software engineering).

  • Evolution and maintenance: EM-4 (well-defined and implemented plans for future maintenance and evolution).

  • Software distribution and licensing: SDL-4 (public source or binary distribution on the Web).