Section: New Software and Platforms


MetaPart is a library that addresses the challenge of (dynamic) load balancing for emerging complex parallel simulations, such as multi-physics or multi-scale coupling applications. First, it offers a uniform API over state-of-the-art (hyper-) graph partitioning & ordering software packages such as Scotch, PaToH , METIS , Zoltan , Mondriaan , etc. Based upon this API, it provides a framework that facilitates the development and the evaluation of high-level partitioning methods, such as MxN repartitioning or coupling-aware partitioning (co-partitioning).

  • Audience: A-1 (internal prototype).

  • Software originality: SO-3 (original software reusing known ideas and introducing new ideas).

  • Software maturity: SM-2 (basic usage works, terse documentation).

  • Evolution and maintenance: EM-3 (good quality middle-term maintenance).

  • Software distribution and licensing: SDL-4 (public source or binary distribution on the Web).